What is UniFarm?

UniFarm enables value creation for investors where they can stake one token and earn multiple tokens as reward.

How does UniFarm work?

UniFarm incentivized more users who stay longer on the platform. The system has an inbuilt compounding gamified framework - The longer you stay in, the more benefits you compound.

What is a cohort?

Cohort is a term used to describe a group of projects joining together for a pool on UniFarm.

What is Unifarm’s revenue model?

UniFarm earns through listing fees. UniFarm does not charge any staking and unstaking fees, you will only pay for gas fees.

Can we unstake a partial amount of staked funds? And will it affect the reward distribution clock?

As of now, you can’t unstake a partial amount on UniFarm. You can unstake.

Do I need to pay fee on each tokens when unstaking?

You will only need to pay gas fees once for the whole number of tokens when unstaking.

After the completion of 90days, will the rewards get auto claimed?

You will need to unstake the token after the staking period.

Does UniFarm have fees?

As UniFarm is completely decentralized, what you will pay is only gas fees.

How to stake on Unifarm?

Staking on UniFarm is easy, please go to this link: www.app.unifarm.co

Who are the team members behind UniFarm?

UniFarm has been brought to you by OpenDeFi, the protocol built around OroPocket.

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